Five Accounting Stereoype Myths Debunked!

In this incredible ever-changing world we live in, it is amazing that many people still consider the profession of an Accountant to be the nerdy, number cruncher without an ounce of personality! Ouch!

5 Accounting Stereotype Myths Debunked!

1. All accountants are nerds

Despite the fact that many accountants love numbers, maths and finance, their lives are not consumed by such subject matter! They are active members of sporting clubs, attend music festivals, enjoy a wine or two, spending time with their friends and family and more – all typical forms of entertainment for an average Aussie.


2. To be an accountant, you must be introverted

Although some accountants may not exude an outlandish personality, there are many that are very bubbly, warm and charismatic.  To undertake a profession that is often office-based is not mutually exclusive with not being friendly, and full of life!


3. If you are an accountant, you have no creative flair

Every person has their own set of unique interests – including accountants! Just like every other profession, accountants often have varying interests outside of work, which can include being exceptional artists, musicians, actors – or simply loving dabbling in a spot of photography!


4. Accountants only talk about numbers

When you meet with your accountant, although they are exceptional at all things number-related, they are also  very happy to chat to you about your other interests and endeavours  – family, sporting or otherwise, and love to talk about themselves too!


5. You only go to see an accountant to get your tax completed

Many people in the community believe that the only time you go to visit an accountant is to get your tax completed. Wrong! Although tax preparation and completion is something that accountants excel at, they also offer Business Advisory services, Succession Planning for Businesses, and partner with those in Financial Planning to offer a host of other services, including Insurance, Superannuation, Retirement Planning and so much more!

Do you think there are any other accounting stereotype myths that need to be debunked? Let us know!

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