Improving customer satisfaction

A happy, satisfied customer is likely to return and also has the potential to tell others about the wonderful service that they received when dealing with your business.

As a small business owner, excellent customer service can be your point of difference. After all, how often is it that you walk into a nationally branded store and are made to feel like you are part of the family?

At Robertson Scannell, one of our key drivers is customer service and satisfaction.

How to improve customer satisfaction

Here are two simple ways you can enhance your existing customer service offering.

1. Listen and Learn

Listening is the key to effective customer service and it can also help boost your bottom line. Show you are listening to your customers by taking notes or repeating back what your customer has said. It is important to listen to their words and the tone used, as this can greatly impact the message received.  If the communication is non-verbal, then it is important to keep communication clear and concise to ensure the message intended is the message received.

In order to have effective customer service, you must know what your customers want, provide it to them on a consistent basis and regularly seek feedback.

2. Treat Customers As You Would Like To Be Treated

Remember, how you and your staff communicate with your customers is just as important as what you communicate.

Your customer wants to see the best attributes of you and your business, so put yourself in their shoes.

  • Make the customer feel welcome with a warm, polite greeting
  • Let your customer know they’re important to your business – which can be from a simple phone call or email, through to an invitation to an event
  • Ask your customer what they need – and be prepared to do it more than once

Ultimately, a great place to start the process of improving customer satisfaction begins with reviewing your business and customer service strategy. Excellent customer service brings with it great opportunity for you and your business.  The team at Robertson Scannell are dedicated to assisting you and your business being a success.  We would be more than happy to assist you in developing a business strategy or improving your current business plan, and ultimately providing you with the tools you need to ensure excellence in customer satisfaction.


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