A spontaneous trip to Paris

Congratulations! You’ve packed your bags and you’re heading to Paris on a spontaneous holiday because you’ve always wanted to go and you’re sick of waiting for the right time to travel.

A Spontaneous Trip to Paris?

You arrive in Paris and it’s amazing. The Eiffel Tower and the city lights are breathtaking but you soon realise that it is very late at night and you need to find a hotel to stay at for the night. You grab your phone to see what type of hotels are nearby, keeping in mind that you are wanting to stay for a few days so you choose a three star hotel that seems reasonably priced. You arrive at the hotel to find there are no vacancies so you walk down the street and find a hotel that appears to have a vacancy. The receptionist greets you and organises a room for you. The room smelt of mould and the bed was about as comfortable as a deflated air mattress, but you were in Paris and tomorrow was your first chance to explore the city.

The next day started early, not by your choice as there was loud construction works taking place on the street. You set off to explore the streets of Paris and find some breakfast to start your day. After a short walk you find a small café, you sit down and start to read the menu only to find everything is written in French. That’s okay Google translate is a wonderful piece of technology, you slowly translate the menu and order your breakfast. The food was amazing and now you’re ready to explore the city but you learn from your mistakes and decide to book a hotel for the next few nights.

After a couple of days you start to notice that you are running low on money as the cost of eating out for every meal is adding up. You phone a friend back home to ask if they could help you out and send some money to get you through until you are due to return home. You return home and rather than feeling refreshed you are stressed as you have bills to pay including a large phone bill due to your roaming charges while overseas. All things considered it was a good trip that could have been much better if you had of spent more time planning before you left.

Starting your own business can be like going on a trip overseas

Starting your own business can be very similar to going on a trip overseas. It is exciting and you can’t wait to start but there is tremendous value in taking the time to plan. Creating a business plan is very important as it requires you to think about many different aspects of your business.

Things to consider when creating a business plan

  • What are the goals of the business?
  • What are the costs associated with starting your own business?
  • How will you finance the costs of running your business?
  • What marketing strategies will use to get your business noticed?
  • Which laws and taxes will affect your business?

If you’ve already packed your bags and jumped on the plane it’s not too late. Businesses that have started without a plan may have made a few mistakes, however this can help them to learn and create a plan to improve in the future.

Planning to many people may seem very tedious and time consuming, therefore it may be best to seek help to ensure you plan correctly and don’t forget any important details. In the example of an overseas trip you may find it worthwhile to engage with a travel agent to help you. You are far more likely to have a relaxing trip if you plan your holiday with a travel agent due to their knowledge and experience.

In the same way a travel agent can help you plan for a holiday, Robertson Scannell can help you to plan for the future of your business, by analysing the needs of your business and working with you to set goals and achieve results.

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