Achieving financial freedom

What does financial freedom mean to you? The ability to travel the world and build a dream home? Or to be able to enjoy a simple but active retirement, and support some good causes?
We all have different desires and goals in life, but most of us share the dream that one day we would like to achieve our particular version of ‘financial freedom’. The challenge is that most of us don’t really know what it takes to turn our goals, be they vague wishes or burning desires, into reality.
However, with just a little bit of forethought, some expert advice, and by acting on that advice, we are much more likely to reach that goal of financial freedom.

Making the list

Your key ally in achieving financial freedom is your financial adviser, and amongst the most important things your adviser will need to know is what your goals are. So make a list and prioritise it. Which of your goals are essential, and which ones are you willing to compromise on?

Reality check

Just as we have different goals, so do we have different financial resources. One of the first things your adviser will do is run a reality check. Given your income and expenditure, job outlook, health and family situation, are your goals realistic and achievable?
Your adviser will also check if key goals are missing. For example, life insurance can be an essential tool for protecting your family’s future financial freedom, yet many people overlook it.
With the big picture now clear, your adviser can develop strategies that will bring that goal of financial freedom closer to fruition.

Perfect timing

When’s the perfect time to start your journey to financial freedom?
Because the sooner you get started, the sooner your goals will be achieved.
So think about your goals and desires. Importantly, write them down. Then make an appointment to sit down with your financial adviser, and take those critical first steps towards achieving your financial freedom.

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