Where is your business at today?

If you are a:

  • Small-to-medium business or start-up requiring some expertise and resources;
  • An entrepreneurial business owner seeking new ways to become more efficient and streamlined; or a
  • Leader or manager in need of some coaching, staff development and business advice

…we can help you. Robertson Scannell has a proud 40-year history mentoring small-to-medium businesses in Toowoomba and throughout Queensland. With a customised Business Essentials Package developed by our experienced advisers, we will equip you with the support and resources needed to reach your goals.

What does success mean to you? Every business owner, CEO or manager has a different idea of what it means to survive and thrive in business. For some, it’s expanding and increasing profits; for others, it’s creating a progressive and enjoyable work culture. Whatever you see as your specific benchmark, we can assist you.

Developing a strategy

Are you looking to take your business in a new direction, or want to know exactly where you’re going wrong? We conduct an analysis of your business using research-based, proven techniques.

From there, we develop a tailor-made package to suit your budget and timeline that will assist you with:

  • Understanding what’s working and what’s not working in your business now;
  • Empowering your managers and future leaders;
  • Coaching your staff using the SWOT analysis and Now-Where-How techniques;
  • Gaining clarity on your future direction; and
  • Determining the top key strategies to reaching your goals.

Our process ensures you “learn through doing”, so you walk away with a clear plan and training in these essential tools to further implement each strategy. Our unique toolkit drives the process and ensures it becomes a blueprint for the way you do business.

Our business strategy and planning workshops

Our offering

  • Facilitated workshops by an experienced business adviser – either in-person or via video conferencing (eg. Zoom, Skype);
  • A tailor-made package, including a concise one-page plan for your business with a clear vision and goal, key action items and allocation of responsibilities; and
  • A set of business tools you can implement yourself in the business. 

Further information

Watch Dan’s Taking Care of Business Webinar Series here:

In the video below, Director Dan Gabbett chats with long-time business client, Dean McCarthy from DMC Construction Group.

Meet our BA team

I would happily recommend Robertson Scannell for anyone seeking governance support, advice and guidance – delivered with great humour and wisdom.

Kate Venables, Director
CatholicCare Social Services

We have been working with Robertson Scannell for the past 7 years.
Not only are they great accountants but their business advice has been invaluable to our construction company. Personally, I really appreciate the interest they take in not just your business but also your family life and background, realising that a business's success is not only based on facts and figures but the overall well-being of the business owners.

Dean McCarthy

It’s been a great advantage for us to find a local firm who understands the complex structure of our business and has the capability to address our needs. We really value the timely, face-to-face service of Robertson Scannell. They can be in our office within the hour if necessary.

Michael McNab, Managing Director

Robertson Scannell worked closely with me, as Managing Director, to develop and implement a scheme to incentivise and reward key senior management staff. Dan demonstrated his unique ability to understand the audience, our senior management, and simplify the numbers and language in a way which they could easily understand. This played an integral role in achieving the desired outcome of all senior management entering into the scheme.

Scott Young, Managing Director
Young Guns Container Crew

Whilst we're always looking to expand our business with new locations, we focus on maintaining a small and effective team structure with company owned stores. Part of the reason we're able to do this is because of the great relationship we have with Robertson Scannell. Relevant advice delivered when you need it is what makes us such happy clients.

Colin Desbrow, Managing Director
Silver Shop

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