1.0 Introduction

As financial service providers it is expected and essential that we will collate precise and thorough records of our client’s personal information in order to maintain a high quality of personalised, accurate service for our clients. This Privacy Policy outlines our commitment to protecting our clients’ privacy in accordance with the Australian National Privacy Principles (NPPs) as dictated in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the Act). Robertson Scannell is dedicated to ensuring complete integrity and security is maintained when dealing with sensitive client data entrusted to our firm.

2.0 Personal Information We Require

When acting as your accountant, taxation adviser or financial planner our main purpose for collecting and storing your personal information is to ensure we are able to provide advice and services that reach the highest possible standards of quality and accuracy. In addition to our personal commitment to providing outstanding service, Robertson Scannell is also obliged by certain legislative and regulatory requirements such as the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and Accounting Standards (AASB) to collect personal information that ensures the accuracy and value of the services we provide. Failure by our client’s to provide the information we require may inhibit our ability to provide the quality of services our clients deserve.

Information we require includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Full personal or company name, including any and all names previously held
  • Private and/or business address and full contact details
  • Date and place of birth
  • Marital status
  • Current and previous details of employment
  • Tax File Number, ABN and Registered Business Number
  • Bank account and/or credit card details
  • Proof of identification such as certified copies of drivers license, passport etc
  • Current financial/accounting data including details of assets and liabilities
  • Details of income and expenditure
  • Details of your family structure
  • Commitments and Centrelink eligibility status
  • Any other information required for the purposes of risk insurance and financial planning (including but not limited to details and reports of your medical history)

In most instances and where reasonable and practicable, this information will be collected directly from the client upon consultation with a member of our staff. From time to time during the delivery of our services it may be necessary for us to collect information from an external third party. When such consultation is required Robertson Scannell will take all reasonable measures to ensure clients are notified that such enquiries are being made on their behalf and to obtain the client’s consent if it has not been previously attained.

3.0 Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

Robertson Scannell collects clients’ personal information for a variety of purposes including, but not limited to:

  • To deliver accurate, efficient and quality professional services
  • To deliver efficient and accurate responses to client requests and queries
  • To maintain open lines of communication with our clients and business associates
  • To keep our clients informed of our expanding range of services and upcoming events and seminars
  • To keep our clients abreast of industry and legislative changes
  • Administrative purposes including mailing, appointment confirmations etc

It is important to note that Robertson Scannell may also use clients’ personal information for the purpose of marketing our services. Clients are advised that marketing correspondence is minimal and is generally related to the promotion of new services, upcoming events or seminars which we feel may benefit our clients and enhance your customer experience. Clients have the option to unsubscribe from marketing materials at any time using the ‘unsubscribe’ function featured on all electronic marketing communications.

Robertson Scannell is committed to ensuring the security of our clients’ personal information is not compromised at any time. Without the consent of our clients Robertson Scannell will not release personal information to any third party except where required by law, and will not allow personal information to be disclosed to any third party for the purpose of such company distributing their own marketing materials. During your undertakings with our firm circumstances may arise that call for the engagement of services from a third party such as a financial institution, government agency etc. In such circumstances Robertson Scannell will provide, with our client’s understanding and consent, the necessary information to enable the third party to execute their services.

4.0 Ensuring Secure Storage of Personal Information

Robertson Scannell stores clients’ personal information both physically and electronically. Our storage methods include:

  • Physical storage within our premises
  • Electronic storage through internal services and a private cloud
  • Electronic storage through storage devices such as CD, DVD and USB
  • Electronic storage by a third party data-storage and data-replication provider in Australia

Robertson Scannell has an ongoing commitment to ensuring all clients information is protected against loss, unauthorized access, alteration, misuse and disclosure. Security measures implemented include:

  • Password restricted and monitored access to computers and electronic databases
  • Controlled access to our secure premises
  • Electronic firewall and virus protection software
  • Electronic computer and database back ups stored securely via an external provider (within Australia)

Robertson Scannell does not retain records or personal information indefinitely. All records and information are stored only for one or a combination of the following time periods:

  • for the period required to fulfill the activities for which the information was originally collected
  • for the period or purposes stipulated by law
  • for the period identified in Robertson Scannell’s internal document management policy

While every effort is made to ensure our clients’ personal information is never compromised, Robertson Scannell does not guarantee that personal information cannot be accessed by an unauthorised third party in the event of an electronic hacking or physical intrusion to our premises. Robertson Scannell does however guarantee that in the interests of full disclosure and transparency, in the case of such a breach the effected clients would be notified and all reasonable measures taken to rectify the breach.

5.0 Access and Upkeep of Personal Information

Robertson Scannell is dedicated to maintaining accurate and current records of all clients’ personal information however; it is the client’s responsibility to ensure they notify the firm of any changes to their personal circumstances or information. Once notified of changes to personal information, clients have the right to expect that Robertson Scannell will take all necessary steps to ensure the timely amendment of records and databases. Please note that Robertson Scannell will take no responsibility for the preparation of financial documents or the delivery of financial services based on inaccurate information due to a client neglecting to inform the firm of changes to their personal information.

Robertson Scannell will allow clients reasonable and practical access to their personal information at any time within the limitations of relevant legislation and provided such access does not compromise the privacy of another person or our professional obligations. Access can be gained by contacting your accountant or financial advisor or by contacting the office via post, fax, email or telephone enquiry. Access to personal information will not be granted in any instance where the individual making the request is not able to prove their identity to the satisfaction of our staff.

6.0 Online Privacy

Robertson Scannell’s website does not call for visitors to provide any personal information other than should they choose to submit an enquiry via our online form in which case a record will be kept of the personal information and email address provided. Robertson Scannell’s website does not have an online client center or login facility, therefore no personal information, financial statements or client data is able to be accessed through our website.

When visiting our website Robertson Scannell may use cookies and google analytics to track the use and activity of our website and to compile statistics about our webpage. Such tracking services collect non-personal information and exist only as a tool to enable us to analyse how our website is visited and used and to identify potential areas for improvement. Visitors to our website are reminded that cookies do not identify individual users and are used to identify the computer only.

Robertson Scannell’s website contains links to third party websites however please note that Robertson Scannell does not endorse the products, services or advice available on these websites and that these external websites are not covered by our privacy policy or procedures. We encourage visitors to our site to exercise necessary caution and care when following links to third party sites and to read the Privacy Policies of these external sites or contact their providers for issues regarding your privacy.

7.0 Other Information

Robertson Scannell reserves the right to implement amendments to this Privacy Policy at any time without notice, however it is our intention to advise clients when changes to the policy have been made. All changes to this Privacy Policy will be effective immediately and published on our website; clients are therefore encouraged to review this Privacy Policy on a regular basis. Should you wish to raise concerns of a potential breach of this Privacy Policy or to provide feedback on the policy, please contact our office via telephone, email, fax or written correspondence and direct all communication to the Privacy Officer. All complaints will be acknowledged within 7 working days and resolved accordingly.

We are committed to ensuring the privacy and security of your personal information. As an Authorised Representative of Count Financial Limited, we are bound by Count’s Privacy Policy.