Federal Budget 2020

Last night the Federal Government handed down its Budget for the 2020–21 financial year. After going into a record deficit of $213.7 billion to support individuals and businesses during the Coronavirus crisis, the focus of this year’s Budget is to regrow the economy by creating job opportunities and encouraging spending Read More

Business Strategy & Planning Workshops

Whether you're a start-up, an experienced business owner, manager or team leader, our workshops will assist you to reach your business goals. Read More

Revisions to JobKeeper 2.0

Employees that previously failed the JobKeeper eligibility test as they were not employed on 1 March 2020, may now be eligible for payments from 3 August 2020 if they were employed on 1 July 2020. Read More

Are face-to-face meetings a dying trend?

A large portion of the workforce made a seamless shift to WFH during the COVID-19 crisis. Along the way, businesses realised that they could operate remotely and employees really could be productive at home. Which begs the question, is face-to-face communication gone for good? Read More

Five ways to recession-proof your business

Economies tend to face headwinds every ten years as the business cycle moves from periods of growth to contraction. While recessions are challenging for small and medium businesses across Australia, it doesn't mean there aren't significant opportunities to strengthen your business and come out of challenging times stronger and more profitable. In this article, we're sharing five ways you can recession proof your business. Read More

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