The fast way to a life supported by passive income

The fast way to a life supported by passive income is to win the lottery or receive a large inheritance. Invested wisely, large lump sums can generate rental income, interest, share dividends and capital growth, all of which can replace an earned income but without the hard work. Read More

Quarterly Economic Update: January - March 2024

The first quarter of 2024 saw the Government roll out considerable changes to the Stage 3 Tax Cuts, inflation continuing to slow but remaining stubbornly high across some areas, surging stock market highs and continuing pressures in the property sector. Read More

Charting a course to financial recovery

Australian Bureau of Statistics, (ABS) figures indicate that between 2017-2018 and 2019-2020 total average household debt rose from $190,000 to $204,000. That’s an increase of more than 7% in two years! Read More

Super in your 40s: It's time to get focused

Typically your forties is a time of established careers, teenage kids and a mortgage that is no longer daunting. There are still plenty of demands on the budget, but by this age there’s a good chance there’s some spare cash that can be put to good use. As you pass the halfway mark of your working life, it’s time to give retirement planning a bit more attention. Read More

Don't wait until your 60s to see a financial advisor

With the benefit of having time on their side, and with some help from an advisor, a 30-something can easily establish a wealth creation plan that can deliver a big payoff in the future. Read More

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