Quarterly Economic Update: April - June 2021

With unemployment rates decreasing, housing prices rising and the share market performing strongly, the last quarter has been very positive for the economy and investors alike. In this article, we summarise the key standouts from the April to June 2021 quarter. Read More

When was the last time you paid cash for something?

As we steadily move towards a cashless society, technology such as “tap and go” has meant that Australian households are one of the most in debt in the world. This article discusses five easy ways to reign in your debt and get your savings goals back on track. Read More

How an increase to Super may result in a pay cut

Superannuation guarantee (SG) rates has increased from 1 July 2021. While this is good news for our retirement nest eggs, some employees may feel the impact with a deduction to their take-home pay. This article explains the SG rate changes, salary differences, and options available to those who are affected by a deduction to their wage. Read More

RS expands leadership team

Toowoomba firm Robertson Scannell has appointed a new director and associate to its leadership team. Read More

The greatest challenges facing future retirees

Will you retire with enough money in your super fund? This article explains the challengers that today’s accumulators face in order to reach their retirement goals. Housing affordability, low interest rates, pandemics, through to an ageing population and pressure our welfare system. Read More

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